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The most important component of the technology in any business is its data. That data can comprise customer contacts, records of sales, product descriptions, financial or medical information, or countless other forms of critical business information. In this information age, customers trust businesses  to make sure their data is safe and accessible, and businesses have an obligation to maintain effective data-backup strategies for quick recovery from data-loss scenarios.

Ubiquitous Networks Alpha Backup offerings address the critical need to maintain current and accessible copies of production data. From hourly file level snapshots to bare metal physical server backups, or replicated on/offsite encrypted backups of entire virtualized servers, Alpha Backup offerings have a cost-effective approach to keep your data safe. Alpha Backup is a fully managed subscription that includes setup, monitoring, and scaling to the changes in how your business stores and accesses its data.

A Ubiquitous Networks representative will perform an analysis of your data-backup needs. After reviewing the analysis we will design a solution that aligns your security needs, amount of data to protect, desired retention length, required restore time after disaster, and budget. A single monthly price will be quoted for the proposed solution, and you will gain the peace of mind that your data is protected from unforeseen causes of data loss.

Don’t let the stress of worrying about your data affect your business. No one plans to have a disaster. But you can make a plan to handle a disaster. Prioritize the protection of your business and customer data by partnering with Ubiquitous Networks to deploy an Alpha Backup solution today.

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