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A business’s structured cabling system is the physical component of computer networks. In overall networking designs the cabling layouts are often referred to as “layer 1,” onto which all additional layers are built. A properly designed and installed cabling layout allows efficient foundations for acquiring, sharing, and storing information. All network functions, from emailing to accessing the corporate database, rely on your business’s network devices, and the cabling components that physically connect them.

Recognizing the importance of physical device connectivity, Ubiquitous Networks combines superior workmanship with high quality products to design and implement cabling systems that deliver unprecedented reliability and performance. Our technicians have the experience to provide solutions for your current needs, without compromising your ability to grow.

By offering a wide variety of cabling and connectivity components from leading manufacturers, Ubiquitous Networks is able to provide cost effective solutions without sacrificing quality, performance, or aesthetics. On request, we can provide you with wiring maps and equipment inventories to simplify future record-keeping and maintenance.

“In the end, your business will benefit from a cabling system that satisfies your business’s current, and evolving connectivity needs.”

– Todd Coburn, President