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Technology improvements are geared to improve the productivity of your business. Continued wireless infrastructure improvements are a successful representation of that fact. With the standardization of multiple wireless formats, vendors are now able to create a variety of solutions that can be deployed quickly and offer your business greater flexibility and boundless upgrade options.

With secure wide area and local area solutions approaching traditional “wire speeds,” wireless is quickly becoming a mission critical infrastructure technology in many businesses. But the success of wireless technology has been threatened by the fear that wireless networks do not maintain sufficient security mechanisms, and by the perception that reliable signal coverage cannot be guaranteed.

Ubiquitous Networks understands these concerns and has created specialized deployment strategies to assure that our wireless networks are reliable and maintain the highest level of security standards.  With a properly performed, pre-deployment survey, a wireless network will be just as secure and reliable as a traditional wired network.

Combining the exciting technology of wireless networking with Ubiquitous Networks expert implementation team, assures that your business will achieve a level of network flexibility never before possible.