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The most capable and cost-efficient phone systems are VoIP solutions. By leveraging the power of IP to transfer voice communications as data, the benefits of interoperability, low-cost transmission, superior call quality, and unifying remote locations and users have never been more possible to achieve. Ubiquitous Networks offers customers many options for embracing the power and cost-savings of VoIP technology.

From richly featured on-premise solutions to fully hosted off-site implementations, Ubiquitous Networks can work with your business requirements to design a highly available, cost-effective communications solution that greatly improves the efficiency and flexibility of your business. VoIP system owners benefit from a single data delivery to the user that reduces cabling costs, simplifies infrastructure, and allows rapid growth and changes to the existing environment.

Schedule a consultation with a Ubiquitous Networks expert for an on-site demonstration of our exciting technology options of VoIP and to learn how your business can start saving on telecom costs while gaining enterprise collaboration features.

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are gaining traction for both personal and business use. What’s so great about online telephony – and why is it grabbing market share from old-line telecom providers? Here are eight of the biggest reasons:

1. Hosted phone solutions require no on-site equipment. That means you have more space in your office without worrying about site power issues, equipment failing or overheating, or technicians needing access to your site after hours to perform maintenance.

2. Because there’s no physical hardware involved with clouded VoIP, you never need to worry about maintenance, repairs, or upgrades to your on-site equipment. All new updates are tested and implemented centrally.

3. You have the full functionality of your phone system wherever you have access to the Internet. Redirect your 800 numbers, change your message alerts and download call data from home, from a business convention, or from the comfort of your favorite coffee shop just as easily as you can in the office.  With a free app for on your smartphone, you can use your office phone system wherever you are.

4. VoIP phone systems will work across multiple cities, states, and even countries if need be. Whether your employees are located in a single building or spread across multiple time zones, online telephony means you all share one -communication system.

5. Not only do VoIP setups eliminate the need for on-site telecom specialists, they can even replace receptionists. An online telephony system can greet callers and route customers depending on your needs.

6. VoIP telephony -is flexible. Not only can you set it up or change most features in minutes from wherever you are, you can also expand deployments quickly and easily. You’re never stuck with features or hardware you no longer want (or want to pay for), and you can add new offices or allow your employees to telecommute.

7. With a low-risk, pay-as-you-go model, VoIP phone systems make it easy to control your costs. You pay only for as much service as you use.

8. VoIP systems are far less expensive than traditional telecom services on a monthly basis – and with VoIP cloud solutions, there’s no hardware to install or maintain, nearly eliminating up-front capital costs.

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Call paths are inbound or outbound calls. (extension-to-extension calling does not require a call path)

Local unlimited calling – FREE

Cloud Managed System fee – $150
This is mandatory and included in total; includes hosting fee, server clustering, backups, hardware management, SSL certificates, and platform updates